Refreshing Pool Services offers a wide range of pool & spa equipment to ensure that your pool or spa is the clearest and cleanest on the coast. For me information regarding our products please contact us

Super Pool Chlorinator

Easy to use, digital screen, mineral compatible with a 5-year warranty. Available in many different sizes to cater for your pool.

Super Pool Media Filter

Great quality, super-efficient filtration using glass media that will enhance the quality of your pool water. By utilising the key features of backwashing and rinsing, you will notice your pool water thrive and the simpleness of owning a Super Pool Media Filter. 10-year warranty on tank & 3-year warranty on multi-port valve.

Super Pool Pump

Super effective and high-quality pump that will ensure your pool water is being pumped through your system at an efficient speed. Available in many speeds to suit your pools needs. 3-year warranty.

Super Pool Cartridge Filter

Effective and affordable filtration method that will ensure the quality of your pool water is high. Super slim and easy to fit in small spaces. 5-year warranty.

Maytronics Cleaners

High quality range of cleaners with a variety of features to cater for your pools needs. Improves the quality of your pool water with advanced technology.

Aquaquip Pool Lights

Available in multi-colour or fixed colour. Low power consumption and long lifespan. Easy to install and operate.

Saftron Hand Railing

Corrosion Resistant, weather resistant, high strength, wide range of colours and shapes.

Lochlor Pool Chemicals

100% Australian owned and made, bringing the highest quality and performance in pool and spa chemicals.

Aquaspa Spa Products

The chlorine and bromine free alternative treatment method for your spa, perfect for people with allergies or sensitive skin, as well as keeping your water healthy and sparkling.

Iluka Spa Products

Our go to spa treating chemicals for chlorine-based spas. The range is designed to contain and offer health promoting minerals in the form of Magnesium, Potassium and Ocean Trace Elements, creating an enjoyable soak into a more health providing sensation.


Australian produced premium salt, which is fine grain and fast dissolving, allowing easy use for customers to keep their salt content within range for their production of chlorine.

Pool Blankets & Rollers

There are many benefits to investing on a pool blanket and roller, some are being a great addition to any heaters for extra heat, eliminates water evaporation and reduces the hassle of dealing with leaves and debris.

Supreme Heating Nova Max Heat Pump

Powerful and efficient way of heating your pool, with easy installation and offers great energy savings. Easy use with built-in wi-fi for smart APP control.

Cartridge Elements

In-store we stock many different brands of pool and spa filter cartridge elements replacements and if we don’t have stock easily ordered in with a fast turnaround.

Pool Accessories

We stock from basic pool cleaning equipment, pool toys, part replacements to a variety of spare parts.

Refreshing Pool Services

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We continue to offer the community on-road pool and spa servicing, and a variety of repair services in-store and on-site, along with a wide range of pool and spa equipment.

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