Pool Colours

Choosing the colour of your pool is one of the most exciting decisions you will make, as these vibrant, modern looks can transform ordinary into amazing. The wide range of colours is stain, algae and bacteria-resistant, smooth to touch and easy to clean.  To help make the decision process a little easier for you we have provided a colour guide.

Standard or Deluxe colours

One you pick your pool, you need to colour it too. We offer 2 standard colours and a large range of exciting deluxe colours that are sure to bring your pool to life.

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Popular Pool Colour Choices

Water Spice

Water Spice creates that instant tropical island feels. This inviting light blue colour is simple, stylish and timeless, creating a look that you will love for years to come. Water Spice is a popular choice, especially for smaller pools, as the lighter colour creates the illusion of a bigger pool.

Grey Spice

Grey Spice is a nice subtle and stylish colour which can give your backyard a modern feel. A popular choice among young couples, this colour gives a simple and elegant feel to your home. It has a indirect twinkle that gives your water the illusion of a dazzling haven. This colour looks good in all styles and sizes.

Crystal Sapphire

On a hot summers day there is nothing better than diving into your crystal sapphire pool. Maybe the most ‘refreshing’ of all our colours. It is designed to look like the deep blue ocean. Who needs diamonds when you’ve got crystals. Imagine submerging yourself into the sparkling water and being enveloped by crystals. This is our most popular for larger pools.

New White

Imagine you’re in the Whitsundays on the brilliant white sand. You can create your own tropical island getaway in your own backyard without ever packing a bag. Grab your cocktails and best swimsuit…or not! The choice is up to you. This brand-new colour is for you if you want to create a super stylish modern oasis in your backyard.

Blue Rock

Blue rock takes you back to the rock pools of your youth and invites you to dip your toes in and explore the hidden secrets in your own backyard. This colour creates a vibrant vibe so you can invite all of your friends for a fantastic summer pool party. This colour is most popular in our medium six to eight metre ranges and amongst people with kids.

Coral Rock

Forget about snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef, exploring the beautiful colours of the coral when you can just look down in your own refreshing pool. Coral Blue can lift the vibe of your backyard and make you want to jump right into your beautiful new pool. It compliments simple Aussie backyard décor as it is eye catching. This can increase the value of your home not just by others but by you and your family as well. This is popular with small pools in our four and five metre range.

Refreshing Pool Services

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