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Our experienced team offer a wide range of services both in-store and on the road to best suit you. We will provide you with expertise advice and quality products to best improve your pooling experience. If you do not already have a regular pool service with us then what are you doing? Having a regular pool service with us, will help our technicians better understand your pool system and pool needs which will allow for our expert technicians to service your pool in the correct way.

Free Instore Water Test

Bring a sample of your pool water in-store for our experienced team to test and provide you with a paper copy of your results. Our team member will then advice you with what chemicals or procedures you will need to balance your pool efficiently. This service is completely free of charge!

Traditional Pool Service

This pool service can be requested just as a casual service or requested as a regular service e.g monthly, fortnightly, weekly – whichever suits your needs. This service includes cleaning out filters, clean baskets, sweep, scoop, vacuum, test & balance, check over pool equipment, clean cell if required and add chemicals if required at additional cost. This service is completed by experienced technicians who can answer any of your questions or enquiries

Commercial Cleaning Service

Refreshing Pools is highly trained in commercial services and cleaning. We are passionate in providing communities with a clean and relaxing pool area to which we perform regular cleaning services as frequent as requested (daily/weekly/fortnightly/monthly). This service entails cleaning filters and skimmer baskets, scooping, sweeping and vacuuming, testing water and adding any required chemicals, checking pool equipment, cleaning chlorinator cell if required and our technicians will suggest any other relevant services that may be needed like acid bath or cartridge soaks to ensure a sparkling pool for community use.

Green Pool Clean Up

Our technicians are trained to bring the worst of pools back to life with strong chemicals, equipment repairs, vacuuming, sweeping and brushing. Depending on the state of the pool, we may need a few visits to completely revamp the pool.

Pool Water Test & Balance​

This service is a more simplified version of the traditional service. It involves testing and balancing the water and cleaning out filters and baskets. The technician will add chemicals if required at an additional

Pool Service + Handover

If you are a new pool owner or have just moved into a house with a pool, this service is for you. This service includes cleaning out filters, clean baskets, sweep, scoop, vacuum, test & balance, check over pool equipment, clean cell if required and add chemicals if required at additional cost. While this service is being conducted, the technician will guide you through the service and show you all the tips and tricks of looking after your pool. Additionally, the tech will provide you with a complete rundown of the filtration and pool system so that you fully understand how it all works.

Pool Service Call Out

We can come out to check over equipment, repair equipment, install new equipment, sand/media change and inspection reports. Price varies depending on the subject of call out. To book in your service, ring, email or visit our store in Berkeley Vale and our staff can find a time to best suit you for our technician to visit your pool.

Pool Acid Bath

Involves dosing the pool with an appropriate amount of acid to remove calcium spots and staining in pebblecrete and concrete pools. It is best to do this service in winter as swimming is not allowed for up to a month.

Inspection Report

Our expert technicians will come out to the requested property to complete an inspection report where they check the pool and system to ensure everything is running smoothly. An inspection report is ideal when selling or buying a house to reveal or prevent any issues before selling or buying a house.

Cartridge Soak

Bring your cartridge into the store for an overnight soak in a diluted acid solution which will then be hosed out to thoroughly clean your cartridge for a smoother and cleaner filtration in your pool.

Chemical Drop Off

If you are unable to come collect chemicals from our Central Coast store, don’t stress we can deliver! All you need to do is contact our email address or phone number with what you need and provide us with payment and one of our friendly staff can deliver your chemicals as soon as possible.


Refreshing Pools is consistently stocked with all your pool requirements using the best quality products on the market. Our equipment is marked at a suitable and appropriate price to ensure satisfaction for our customers. We can supply you with pool suction cleaners, robotic cleaners, pumps, heat pumps, chlorinators, media filters, cartridge filters, pool covers, hand railings, pool lights, chemicals, spare parts and cleaning equipment.

Refreshing Pool Services

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We continue to offer the community on-road pool and spa servicing, and a variety of repair services in-store and on-site, along with a wide range of pool and spa equipment.

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